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These reviews will give you an idea of the places I have ate at and stayed in during my travels. Hopefully this will help you with some of your decisions on where to stay and where to eat!

Review Criteria

  • PRICING: I love to get the best deals on everything I pay for. Typically, I will aim towards the more budget accommodations without sacrificing quality.
  • QUALITY: Even though I aim for the budget accommodations, I do not like staying at worn down and dirty places. Therefore, I require places that are at least on the better and modern end of the spectrum. Safety, comfort, and cleanliness is a must!
  • WIFI: As a Digital Nomad, one of my top requirements is to have a fast and reliable internet connection. If this isn't fast enough for me to go online, I will deduct points.
  • LOCATION: Staying in a convenient location not only saves you time and transportation money, it also saves you the hassle of lugging your heavy backpacks and luggage for a long time. If you travel by car or taxi, that won't be a problem, but for budget solo travelers taking public transportation, this matters a lot.
  • ENVIRONMENT: The environment and the people who stay at these places matter a lot too. If you have a lot of kids or children running around, it disrupts your stay, especially if you want to sleep in or have a quiet place to get some work done.
  • ROOMS & BATHROOMS: Staying at hostels mean you give up a little bit of privacy for cheap pricing and good social atmosphere. But, I have stayed in enough to know that there are great hostels that not only offer a comfortable stay, they also offer upgraded amenities and a decent amount of privacy.
  • AMBIANCE: The atmosphere of the establishment can either make or break your dining experience. Depending on the type of restaurant I choose to eat at, I will review the ambiance based on what I expect it should be.
  • FOOD: The food obviously has to live up to its expectations and quality. I will post pictures of the dishes I have ordered.
  • SERVICE: Every establishment needs to have good service. Otherwise, why should we even eat there?
  • VALUE: This criteria rates how much bang for your buck you are getting, taking into consideration the previous 3 criterion. If you eat at a cheap restaurant, then your expectations should be lower, while if you are paying for something more expensive, you should expect better service, food quality, presentation, and ambiance.

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