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Here is a list of useful websites that have helped me during my travels. I highly recommend using all of them.

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  • + Agoda - For hotels and hostels, I personally use both and Agoda. The prices for both are among the cheapest, and they have a large range of listings that other sites do not have.
  • HostelWorld- This is another good option to check out budget hostels. I have found that has more choices, but HostelWorld also has some listings not on other websites.
  • AirBnB- For apartments with a bit more privacy, AirBnB is the way to go. Use my link to receive a $40 credit on your first stay!
  • Kayak + Google Flights + Skyscanner - I have been using these websites for comparing flight ticket prices on different dates. It is useful in finding the cheapest flight ticket prices across all airlines.
  • Hopper - I like using Hopper as a backup research tool for price comparisons. Their web interface is a bit confusing, but their main focus is on their phone app. They are able to alert you when the price is about to increase or decrease. I would then book through the main airline's website or via Kayak.
  • MoBike +OBike+ Ofo - Bike Sharing Apps that allow you to scan a QR code to unlock bikes around the city. MoBike has the best quality Bikes in my opinion. You can check their website to see which countries have them.
  • Uber + Grab - Uber is a cheaper option than Taxis in many cities. In Southeastern Asia, Grab has replaced Uber, and they have more ride options such as Grab Car, Grab Taxi, or even Grab (Motor) Bike! Grab even has a food delivery option!
  • KKday + Klook - Both KKday and Klook are great for booking travel or tour packages for specific locations. This includes any specific activities you are interested in.
Asian-American Solo Travel Insurance
  • Seven Corners - This is the travel insurance I currently use because it offers a wide range of customizable plans for your needs, including zero-deductible medical only insurance for expats. It is also very affordable and allows renewals.
  • World Nomads - Other Travel Blogs recommend World Nomads, and by all means they are a great insurance company, but it is not the cheapest.