MUME TAIPEI: Asia’s Top 50 Best Restaurants for Fine Dining


Asian-American Solo Traveler INTRODUCTION: MUME TAIPEI

MUME TAIPEI is rated one of Asia’s Top 50 Restaurants, so of course, I had to give this restaurant a shot!

Asian-American Solo Traveler THE AMBIENCE

Upon walking in, you get an immediate warm-cozy feeling. The restaurant is not big. Dimly-lit decor gives off a slight modern-classy romantic vibe, yet it can be casual at the same time. The restaurant does its best in providing a high-end feel, especially with its slide out utensil drawer with fitted slots for each tool.

Mume Taipei

Asian-American Solo Traveler THE FOOD

The type of food is mainly Modern European-Asian fusion. When it comes down to fine-dining, don’t expect huge portions. Prices are more towards the higher-end, even for American standards. Come with at least another person, so you can try out different dishes.

For starters, try their Chicken Liver Brulee. It comes with a side of bread with butter in the shape of an egg-yolk and some salt. Brush the liver onto the bread or eat it alone for a stronger flavor.

Mume Taipei
Chicken Liver Brulee

Next is their small dish, The Wagyu Tartare (NT$480 or $16 USD). This was incredibly delicious. A small bite has the right portion of different textures and flavors.

Mume Taipei
Wagyu Tartare

Then come the entrees. The first dish is The Crispy Amadai (NT$1080 or $36 USD). The entree first comes out with just the two Crispy Amadai’s alone, and then the waitress pours the soup base into the bowl itself. I really loved the crispy texture of the fish. The soup was flavorful, but the fish itself was a bit bland. For an entree worth at this price, I was not sure if this was worth it.

Mume Taipei
Crispy Amadai

The second entree is the Beef, the most expensive dish on their menu (NT$1280 or $43 USD). The Beef was good, but it was not the best quality beef I have tasted. It was definitely not worth the value for its money.

Mume Taipei

Asian-American Solo Traveler THE DRINKS

The cocktails were good and presentation was at its finest. They have a good selection of red and whites. We opted for the Lowkey Earl Grey and the Kavalan Whiskey.

Asian-American Solo Traveler THE SERVICE

Service was as expected for a fine dining restaurant. The food came out quick with short waits, and the waitress changed the plates when they were dirty

Asian-American Solo Traveler LOCATION

Name: Mume Taipei
Address: No. 28, Siwei Rd, Da’an District, Taipei City, Taiwan 106
Phone: +886 2 2700 0901
Hours: 7 Days, 6PM-11PM
Facebook Page:

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Review overview

Ambience 9
Food & Drinks 7
Service 9
Value 8


8.3 Review Score For the casual fine-diner, I think you will be a bit disappointed. Our meal came out to roughly NT$4500 ($150 USD). For fine-dining in Taipei, this is considered to be on the higher end. I expected the food to be more flavorful. The presentation was good, and I do recommend coming here for a date or a casual meal with friends. But I would not let its Top 50 Rating fool you. To secure a reservations, you will need to input your credit card details.

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  1. Just reading this review right after the beef course at Mume. The review is 100% accurate.

    Everything works great except the food which is passable, at best, for the price point. Hi

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