3 Days in Chiayi, Taiwan

DAYS 25-27: Chiayi

3 DAYS IN CHIAYI, TAIWAN After my week's rest back in Kaohsiung, I have finally decided to move on and head to Chiayi for 3 days. Chiayi is located around an hour's drive north of Tainan. The main reason why I decided to drop by Chiayi is so I can head to Guanziling Hot Springs. Although the hot springs are located in Tainan, it is a lot closer going from Chiayi.
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Days 19-25: Back to Kaohsiung

After two days in Tainan, I started experiencing some beginning signs of "travel burnout." I started noticing this after the first day in Tainan. I wasn't as excited to check out a new city and I was craving to just go somewhere familiar and rest. I was tired of jumping around different hotels and hostels in different cities every few days. There was just too much going on and I needed to slow down a bit.
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Days 16-18: Tainan

DAY 16: After Kenting, I decided to rest for a night back in Kaohsiung before making my way up to Tainan. DAY 17: From Kaohsiung to Tainan was easy: Take the direct train from the
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Days 6-12: Kaohsiung, Taiwan

DAY 6: SWITCHING HOSTELS After my last experience with D-Well Hostel, I decided to switch to Backpackers Inn. This hostel is a bit better than D-Well. Backpackers Inn has a cute cat theme in the
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Day 1: Taipei-Jiufen

This first post is the start of my solo travel journey. I decided to start in Taiwan because I’ve always loved the country–the atmosphere, the food, the people. That’s why every Asia trip, I always
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