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In order to be able to travel long-term, I have to keep a budget. I previously broke down how I set up my travel budget, so I won’t explain that again here. To start off, here are my Week 1 Expenses in Taiwan.


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Week 1 Summary


Overall, I kept everything well within budget. The total I spent for the first week was $310.76, and I have an extra budget balance of $166.01 to carry over to Week 2. I’ve spent 65.18% of what I’ve budgeted for the first week. Average spent per day including accommodations was $44.39. This is close to what I spend per day when I am back in the States, as noted in my U.S. Expenses.

There was a spike in transportation expense on Monday because I took the High Speed Rail from Taipei to Kaohsiung. There’s also the nights with high alcohol expenses because I’ve decided to check out the clubs. The spike in my stay on Monday and Tuesday was due to me cancelling the remainder of my stay at D’Well Hostel after two nights and switching to a Backpackers Inn after.


I did well for my first week in Taiwan. This was attributed to the limited number of activities I have planned out for each day. I did not pack things back to back and I am pretty much just going with the flow and living like I am a local here–minus the work days of course. On days that I do not have activities planned, I mainly focus on working on this blog and doing some planning for upcoming places I want to check out in Taiwan.

This wraps up my spending for Week 1. Follow along for Week 2.




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