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Morry Travels Taiwan Sim Card Discounts Prepaid Data Hotspot
The Best Deals on Prepaid Taiwan SIM Cards and Portable Hotspots
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Asian-American Solo Traveler Introduction

One of the best things I love about Taiwan is their cheap unlimited high-speed data SIM Cards. You cannot find this value anywhere else in Asia.

Planning to visit Taiwan soon? Well, let me tell you where to get the best deals on Taiwan SIM Cards.

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Asian-American Solo Traveler Which Taiwan SIM Card Should You Get?

I know that’s your first question. So, let’s start off with the basics.

? The Major Phone Companies in Taiwan

There are 4 major carriers in Taiwan, and their stores are all over Taiwan and at the airports:

Asian-American Solo Traveler Chunghwa Telecom 中華電信

Morry Travels Taiwan Sim Card Discounts Prepaid Data Hotspot

Chunghwa is the largest provider in Taiwan, and they offer the best coverage. Speeds are also the fastest.

Asian-American Solo Traveler Taiwan Mobile 台灣大哥大

Morry Travels Taiwan Sim Card Discounts Prepaid Data Hotspot

Taiwan Mobile is the seconds largest provider in Taiwan. Its network coverage is pretty much up there with Chunghwa, and its data speeds are also fast.

Asian-American Solo Traveler FarEasTone 遠傳電信

Morry Travels Taiwan Sim Card Discounts Prepaid Data Hotspot

FarEastTone is the third provider in Taiwan. The network coverage is okay, and its internet speeds are good.

Asian-American Solo Traveler T Star 台灣之星

Morry Travels Taiwan Sim Card Discounts Prepaid Data Hotspot

T Star is the smallest provider. They offer some good deals, but you might not receive coverage in more remote areas.

? Speeds & Frequencies

As of Jan 1, 2019, the Taiwan government discontinued 3G services (including W-CDMA and HSPA+), and only 4G LTE standards remain.

Asian-American Solo Traveler Pricing

The pricing for the prepaid Taiwan SIM Cards are all very similar. Please note, I am only comparing Prepaid SIM Cards for short-term travelers. If you decide to stay in Taiwan for the long-term, I recommend you get a Taiwan ID Number to sign up for a monthly plan.

Now, there are 3 different ways to get a Prepaid Taiwan SIM Card:

  1. BUY at a phone store inside the city – Most Expensive (and not all have the True Unlimited Option, Need to show 2 Forms of ID)
  2. BUY at the airport – GREAT Option (True Unlimited & Uncapped, Unlimited Hot Spot)
  3. BUY online & PICKUP at the airport – BEST VALUE (True Unlimited & Uncapped, Unlimited Hot Spot)

I recommend for short-term visitors to reserve online & pickup at the airport.

? Pricing Comparisons Table

*Bold = the best deal you can get for each validity term. You do not need many Airtime Minutes as you can communicate via your data plan in most scenarios.

Validity Airtime Credits KKDayKlookChunghwa Telecom Taiwan Mobile FarEasTone T-Star
中華電信 台灣大哥大 遠傳電信 台灣之星
3 Days NT$ 100 NT$ 280 NT$ 280 NT$ 300 NT$ 300 NT$ 300 NT$ 250
5 Days NT$ 50 - NT$ 285 NT$ 300 NT$ 300 NT$ 300 NT$ 250
5 Days NT$ 300 - - NT$ 500 NT$ 500 NT$ 450 -
6 Days NT$ 50 - - - NT$ 400 - -
7 Days NT$ 100 - - - - NT$ 450 -
7 Days NT$ 120 - - - - - NT$ 450
7 Days NT$ 150 NT$ 470 NT$ 470 NT$ 500 NT$ 500 - -
7 Days NT$ 350 - - - NT$ 700 - -
8 Days NT$ 50 - - - - NT$ 450 -
10 Days NT$ 100 NT$ 470 NT$ 470 NT$ 500 NT$ 500 NT$ 500 NT$ 450
10 Days NT$ 400 - - - NT$ 800 - -
15 Days NT$ 100 - NT$ 700 NT$ 700 NT$ 700 - -
15 Days NT$ 250 NT$ 700* - NT$ 800 - - -
15 Days NT$ 400 - - - NT$ 1000 - -
15 Days NT$ 700 - - - - NT$ 700 -
30 Days NT$ 300 - - - - - NT$ 950
30 Days NT$ 430 NT$ 980 NT$ 980 NT$ 1000 NT$ 1000 - -
30 Days NT$ 1000 - - - - NT$ 850 ? -
90 Days NT$ 1000 - - - - - NT$ 2700

Asian-American Solo Traveler Prepaid Taiwan SIM Card Discounts – BEST VALUE!

Now, this is what you’ve all been waiting for! Where can you get the BEST DEALS on Prepaid Taiwan SIM Cards? It’s EASY!

All you have to do is buy the SIM Card through KKDay or Klook (Links below). The only carrier they partner with is Chunghwa Telecom, which is what I recommend you go with anyway.

You can pick up the card at the Chunghwa Telecom Counter at major airports in Taiwan. Airports include:

Taiwan Taoyuan International Airport (TPE), Taipei Songshan Airport (TSA), Taichung International Airport (RMQ), Kaohsiung International Airport (KHH)

*The counters are not open 24/7, but they are open during most busy hours. Please check KKDay or Klook (TPE Only) for more info.

Asian-American Solo Traveler Other Options

If for any reason, you don’t want to buy a Taiwan SIM Card, you can buy an unlimited high-speed portable Wifi Hotspot. This option is good if you want to share with many people in your group. The downside of this is, all your group members you are sharing the Wifi with must stay close by.

* Note: The fee you pay online is only to reserve the Wifi Router Device. You need to pay the rental charge at the counter, depending on how many days you are renting it for.

Asian-American Solo Traveler Conclusion

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If you are arriving in Taiwan during the day, I recommend reserving a SIM card online through KKDay or Klook.

If you are arriving after midnight, you buy it at a 7-11 in Terminal 1 (TPE). You can also buy it at phone stores or at Taipei Songshan Airport in the city.

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